• Testimonials

  • Jay Fisher, Director of Operations/Partner for three Connecticut-based Buffalo Wild Wings locations

    “I have spent my entire career in the restaurant business and I can honestly say that no marketing or sales program I’ve seen outperforms NFP Sports when it comes to generating brand awareness within local communities, specifically within high schools.   As a sports restaurant, the NFP Sports program gives us the perfect opportunity to give back to some of our most loyal guests - local coaches, youth athletes, and the families who support them.    

    Further, the program’s residual impact for our restaurant ranges far beyond the dollar ROI generated by the discount card program.   The program allows us to connect with local kids and encourage them to make Buffalo Wild Wings their hang out spot, as opposed to a more dangerous environment.   Additionally, it helps us cultivate relationships with these kids so they come back as employees and/or guests for years.   And when it comes to coaches, James Thomson and the team at NFP Sports go above and beyond the discount program, helping us host local events to honor dozens of local coaches who are key influencers in the lives of future leaders.

    As someone who has a personal connection to helping the kids in our community, I can say I am thrilled to be working with NFP Sports to make a difference in their lives.   Thanks goes out to James and his team for busting their tail to deliver a powerful ROI that far exceeds discount redemption rates.”

  • Sandy Totten, Director of Operations for ten McDonald’s locations in Connecticut

    “After working with James Thomson and the NFP Sports team for more than 15 years, I can say that I will never work with a different high school fundraising partner.   This is a huge win-win for us as a participant in the low-cost NFP Sports program.   First, the program itself is excellent - it teaches kids valuable life skills and allows them to generate significant funds for their sports teams.   Further, it allows us to get a valuable ongoing promotion in the hands of local customers with whom we want to establish long term, loyal relationships.   We know the program is working because we see the cards coming in to our restaurants all the time.   In addition, the kids selling the discount offers bring their families and sports teams into the restaurant.   It’s impossible to ignore the impact the NFP Sports program has had on our business - not just from a sales perspective, but also from a community outreach perspective.

    But that’s only part of the story.   The success has been great, but that’s not the only reason we are loyal to the NFP Sports team.   I can’t say enough about James’ approach.    Ever since our first meeting, he has proven to be one of the most professional, outgoing, and diligent businessmen I’ve ever worked with.   It’s a joy working with NFP Sports because James makes it easy and fun for us to connect with young people and give back to the high school sports programs that shape their lives.”

  • Joe LaBianca, Owner/Operator of six McDonald’s franchise locations in Southeast CT

    “I was born into a McDonald’s family and my father taught me about the value of community-driven marketing and sales programs from the very beginning.  So, when NFP Sports came to us in 2010 with an offer to join their innovative and affordable discount card program that benefits local high school sports, we were eager to participate.  

    Ever since we signed on, the NFP Sports program proved to be a critical component of our robust community outreach program as it allows us to reach and influence local high school students and their families.   I would highly recommend the NFP Sports program to any business owner who is interested in supporting local high schools and building credibility in their community”